...we do not have a dinosaur


Hooray! The six part docuseries ONCE UPON A TIME (ER WAS EENS) has been nominated for BANFF world media festival 2019! @banffmedia #banffworldmediafestival #rockieawards19#onceuponatime #documentary

Yes! indeed, from now on you can rent the perfect documentary gear. For more information please contact maarten@diplodokus.be.

De landelijke charme van Ceres brengt ook de recensenten een stukje dichter bij het platteland en de natuur!

Met eigen ogen zien? Vanaf morgen 16/05, speelt Ceres in Sphinx Cinema(Gent), Cinéma Aventure (Brussel), Cinema ZED (Leuven), Cinema Cartoon's (Antwerpen), Filmhuis Klappei (Antwerpen), Cinema Lumière(Brugge), Kunstencentrum Buda(Kortrijk) en Cinema Storck (Oostende)


Hooray! Annapolis can count on the support of the Flemish Film Fund. Let's start filming on Linkeroever, Antwerpen!!


The making of ER WAS EENS: We finished the second period of our shoot in the institute. Directors Ruben Vermeersch, Lennart Stuyck and Mathijs Vleugels interviewed the scientists together with DOP Quentin Devillers and Director Jérôme Guiot.

The making of ER WAS EENS: Recently Diplodokus went on expedition to Congo, Vietnam and Venezuela. Together with scientists of the RBINS we searched for insects in the jungle, discovered frogs on a tepui and did research on a visrus called Monkeypox. Next on the schedule are the unknown caves of Bruniquel and some abandoned quarries in Wallonia. To be continued...